Ministry Of Freedom

By Jono Armstrong

The Ministry of Freedom Program was founded by Jono Armstrong who is a successful affiliate, generating 8-figure income. He’s developed this full training + mentoring + coaching program to help others to achieve similar success.

From his slow and humble beginnings of his internet marketing journey, he then went on to building a successful training business… from being totally broke with health issues and a mountain of debt to earning millions of dollars in just 3 years.

I do agree with his mantra on success – that there is no quick and fast way to becoming successful because success requires drive, effort, persistence and patience.

Jono is responsible for creating freedom for hundreds of his students,
many of which are now 6-Figure earners.
Regardless of whether you’re a novice or a veteran in internet marketing, you will find that Ministry Of Freedom Training (MOF) is the most complete, step-by-step, in-depth, high-value training program there is in the market.

It offers many add-on value, from the mentoring, additional training and learning that I get from:

Ongoing mentoring sessions from the 4x weekly Q&A zoom sessions hosted by Jono Armstrong and his team of coaches to guide, mentor and helping members tackle any problems that they may face.
Private Facebook group where members will get access to various guides, product review access, tools, updates and assistance from Jono and his team.

In short, the training program helps students in various aspects of internet marketing, which are not limited to:

How to get affiliate links approved and getting product review access
How to create your own product and how to launch it
Email marketing to continue passive income
Creating custom bonuses as an incentive for people to buy through affiliate links
How to use YouTube Ads for endless paid traffic and more…

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